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Product model:
Power Fit-Plus (horizontal single axis 2*N vertical rows)
Product description:

The third-generation PowerFit (advanced model) is cost-effective. It is driven by horizontal single axis and arranged in 2*N vertical rows. It can adapt to PERC double-sided solar modules. Fitted with the inverter provided by Powerway, it forms a horizontal single axis intelligent tracking system, whose power generation capacity is 24% - 43% higher than conventional fixed rack + single-sided modules.

Parameter type

Tracker rack type

Capacity per set (KW/set)

Set quantity per MW

Power supply requirement

E-W & S-N array dimensions

Modules supported

Space required

Tracking range of motion

Working wind speed

Survival wind speed

Module per row



horizontal single axis 2*N vertical rows


L + N (two-phase input) 90-550 VAC (wide voltage input)


According to module specifications and arrangement

Double-Sided Modules


-45°- +45°

20m/s(3s gust)

40m/s(3s gust)


Q235B/Q345B (hot-dip galvanizing) and others

Quick clamping

Quick piling

Quick and easy installation using no large machinery

No soldering required

Rainy protection mode

Snowy protection mode

Single-axis drive is used to reduce the effect of fault on the drive system, eliminate the risk of major system failures, and achieve high energy efficiency during operation.

Patent PID protection and repair
4G LTE wireless communication
Cloud computing, large computing analysis, mobile remote operation and maintenance
Increased electricity yield

  • The independent single-axis & dual-portrait-row tracking system maximizes the use of space. Small space required.

  • The patented design, highly pre-assembled modules enables quick and easy installation.

  • PowerFit foundation with various types of pile is suitable for different terrains

  • Powerway's newly developed photovoltaic systems, with consistent quality and great innovation

  • The world's first high-efficiency PERC, with a front efficiency greater than 21.5% and a back efficiency greater than 15%

  • The innovative double-sided dual-test cell brings greater value to customers

  • Less than 1.5% light decay (20KWH test) provides a great power generation capacity for a power station

  • Intelligent Manufacture 2025: The world's first flexible automated solar cell production system